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PADRE BURGOS & PAGBILAO, QUEZON, PHILIPPINES — Just like Popoy and Basha, everyone deserves a second chance. And that includes travel destinations too.


I’ve been to Borawan a year ago for my birthday celebration. Going back to the place was not a priority for me. But I guess, the universe has its own way of making certain things happen. We were actually planning for an outing at Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon. We have prepared everything from foods to liquor. We were already at the port to Cagbalete when we discovered a large crowd of chaos and passengers waiting to be boarded on the boats. There was a long queue for the passenger boats, while there was already a scarcity for the private boats-for-hire (thus, a separate queue). Disheartened by the potential overcrowding that we might face in the island, we have decided to leave though we have already purchased tickets.


Mauban Port

Leaving the port to Cagbalete


While having our lunch at Palaisdaan Restaurant in Tayabas, we were planning on where to go as an alternative. A quick Google search and they found Borawan. I was having second thoughts because I’ve already been to the place. But since it’ll be their first time, why not join them?



It was still Ate Vanessa from last year’s Borawan, who assisted us in arranging boats to the islands. The boat rates, were still the same. It was a lowtide that afternoon, so the coastal bed exposed several marine organisms. There were even stingless jellyfishes on the shore.



A stingless jellyfish trapped during the lowtide


Our first stop was Kwebang Lampas & Puting Buhangin Beach in Pagbilao Grande Island. Just on our first step at the beach, the caretakers were already bugging us with the overpriced entrance fees (much higher than last year’s). I’ve read a lot about the bad reputation of the caretakers, and I think I’ll consider myself as one of those living testimonies. We didn’t stay long at the white sand beach because it was crowded and just spent the afternoon dipping outside Kwebang Lampas. 


Kwebang Lampas

Kwebang Lampas


It was already night when we reached Borawan Island Resort in Pagbilao Chica Island, and as expected the place was also crowded. It was summer after all. Overnight fees were also overpriced, in my opinion. The night was spent on cooking our dinner and eating. Because food is a priority over swimming!

There were no signs of the dreaded box jellyfish this time of the year, but the young stingless jellyfish were swarming near the shore.


Sunrise in Borawan. Walang forever!


An extension of the “tent city”


When we reached Dampalitan Island, the volume of the crowd have already dwindled to a tolerable level. A halo-halo stall from the owners was a much needed relief!




While leaving Padre Burgos, we have noticed a tarpaulin showcasing something about Mangayao Park in Brgy. Marao, Padre Burgos, Quezon. Something to add in my might-check-out list.




Since we haven’t swam much on the islands, we looked for a pool resort in Tayabas City. Entrance fee was less than P50, if I remember it right.





Travel period: May 16-17, 2015

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