Hello, Blogging World!

2015 has been and is being a great year for travelling for me. Almost every month I had the chance to hop on an adventure. Having a platform to share these adventures and having a place to reminisce past but worthwhile adventures is the reason why I am creating this blog.


The Domain and URL

The domain name will be “Saan Pow Punta?,” a play on the phrase saan pupunta which means where to go. Pow is the shortened version of my nickname, Powell. The URL will be attypowell.wordpress.com. My surname is Abogado hence, attypowell. (UPDATE: Got my own domain “saanpowpunta.com“, yey!)


Old Posts?

Since details of past adventures will now be hard to recall, I will just post photoblogs for anti-dated entries prior to 2015. Other old entries will be migrated from my old blog sites to this new one. For 2015 posts prior to this article’s publication date, posts will also be anti-dated.


What to Expect

I am not a photographer nor a writer. But exploring is one thing I think I am good at. Maybe sharing it with you will be a good idea. Expect this blog to be a platform of my travel adventures around the Philippines (and maybe, sometime in the future, around the world). Destinations are mostly about natural and historical wonders (not much of a fan for luxurious travel ventures, plus can’t afford one). From time to time, I’d like to discover off-the-beaten locations that pry away from the common traveler’s eyes.

Have a great year ahead and cheers for more travel!

Powell Abogado

On weekdays, I wear a lab gown. On weekends, I hoist a backpack.

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