Travel is not an Elixir, But…

Casapsapan Beach


It wasn’t long ago when I have become “addicted” to travelling − or so, what I would like to tell myself. When I was a child, I preferred staying home. My parents would even drag me out of the house just to take me off the couch. Now, I am almost always outdoors.

After each exhausting yet fulfilling travel weekend, I can’t seem to get my mind off where to go next, what sight to get excited for, and which place to let my drool drop off to. It was a cycle − travel, work, travel.


Poctoy Beach


There are points though, in between, where you’ll get to ask yourself: for what are you doing this? Sometimes, you’ll lack the passion and motivation (and money!). That’s definitely okay. Our purpose doesn’t always get realized from the start, and it’s not even constant. It is always changing, sometimes evolving. All is flux, nothing is still.


Tarak Ridge


I got a lot of insights when I’ve met two Peace Corps volunteer during a solo backpacking trip to Capul, Northern Samar. They were separately working on two different provinces. One is working with the rehabilitation efforts for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Hernani, Eastern Samar while the other is helping develop a sustainable ecotourism program for Libmanan, Camarines Sur.


Balut Island


For them, travel opens the eyes to the rest of the world. You’d get to see and experience other cultures, you’d learn how others spend their daily lives, and you’d realize we all have common dreams.

But aren’t those things just for volunteers? It’s true, volunteering may have a deeper purpose. 

How about for an average traveler (myself included)? 

The answer is the same.


Taong Putik Festival 2016


Try going on a trip to somewhere you’ve never been and try to spend the days like a local. When you get back home, you’ll know something has changed. It wasn’t significant, but it was definitely there.

When I went solo to Maguindanao, a few friends would ask why. The province has a stigma of rebellion and violence. However, I decided to break down my own prejudices.

And I considered it a good decision. I’ve learned most locals are yearning too long for peace. Some were excited to hear other people’s stories, some weren’t hesitant to tell their own tales.

Pink Mosque

Asik-asik Falls, Alamada, Cotabato


When you go on a trip to somewhere you’ve never been and spend the days like a local, you get a greater appreciation for life, for places, for nature and for other people.

That’s how travel sometimes works.


General Santos Fish Port

Olanivan Island


Travel may not be an elixir that could instantly cure the abnormalities of the world, but it can serve as a seed for change.

Imagine how travel changes an individual’s perception and view of life. Imagine if a lot of individuals can do the same. It would then seem possible for social barriers to be torn down.

As a travel enthusiast, I encourage you to go and explore the country or the world. See places, see people. And when you get home, share the adventure.

Expand yours and other’s horizons.
Punta Isla Lake Resort




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  2. I actually wrote a post similar to this earlier this year. I completely agree. I think that traveling helps to open eyes and change how we look at people and situations. My hope is that when people travel, they don’t just try to take in the sights of a place (though that’s great, too), but also take time to get to know the people and culture they are in.

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