Saan Pow Punta? is a platform of Powell’s travel & outdoor adventures around the Philippines (and maybe, sometime in the future, around the world). Destinations are mostly about natural and outdoor-themed locations. From time to time, he’d like to discover off-the-beaten locations that pry away from the common traveler’s eyes. Travel guides/tips (that hopefully may be helpful to you) are usually included at the end of a post.

The blog’s name is a word play on the phrase ”saan po punta?,” which in the Philippines is a courteous way of asking someone where he’ll be heading to. Pow is a shortened version of the author’s nickname. Sorry, no deeper meaning!

Saan Pow Punta? won Best Travel & Leisure Blog at Lagawan.Org’s Philippine Bloggers Awards 2016.



I’m Powell Abogado from Camarines Norte but currently living in Laguna. On weekdays, I work as a method development chemist. Feeling a bit restricted by the four corners of the laboratory, I recently started my personal journey of exploring the 81 provinces of the Philippine archipelago. Thus on weekdays, I wear a lab coat and on weekends, I hoist a backpack.

I have started documenting my travels after the suggestion and encouragement from two Peace Corps volunteer I’ve met during one of my solo travels. I’ve enjoyed it since then. Please bear with my writings.  🙂

Powell Abogado



Being an archipelago, the Philippines offers diverse adventures. The country is abundant in different types of destinations. You can pick whatever suits your taste or take the chance to experience all of it. My Lakbayan grade is B–! How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!



For any other inquiries, please send me an e-mail at rowell.abogado@gmail(dot)com.