Balut Island & Why The Nine-Hour Ferry Was Worth It

SARANGANI, DAVAO OCCIDENTAL, PHILIPPINES — The three-island municipality of Sarangani (a separate entity from the nearby Sarangani province), has took my interest upon knowing that Balut Volcano (which is also the Balut Island) is the southernmost volcano of South Central Mindanao.… Continue Reading

Take Me to Mercedes Group of Islands

MERCEDES, CAMARINES NORTE, PHILIPPINES — Whoever bestowed the coastal town of Mercedes with the title of Belle of the Pacific must be given a token of gratitude. Mercedes will mesmerize you with her seven majestic islands that are perfect for that off-the-beaten, island-hopping, beach experience.  … Continue Reading

Birthday in Borawan

PAGBILAO, QUEZON, PHILIPPINES — One fine afternoon, my friends and I got intrigued when the name “Borawan” surfaced. Is it true that its beach characteristics is like a mixture of Boracay’s white sand and Palawan’s karstic rocks? To find that out, we planned for a weekend getaway to this hyped place for my birthday celebration. Continue Reading